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CV Writing Service for HR Professionals

Published on: 22 Oct 2012

Whilst it goes without saying just how rewarding working within HR can be, the intense competition for jobs means that getting the interviews you should is more challenging than ever.

Your CV is often the first and only chance to make an impression. Yet with upwards of 20 applications for most roles, and less than 30 seconds spent reading a CV on first sift, how well is yours standing out?

Think of your CV as a personal sales brochure. You only have the briefest opportunity to attract a buyer. So when the eyes of the recruiter meet your CV it needs to have immediate impact. You must really sell yourself. And, importantly, back up what you say. This may be one the trickiest aspects of writing your own CV. It doesn’t feel natural for many people to highlight their own achievements let alone ‘sell’ themselves.

If you are not getting the interviews you should then it may be time re-visit your CV. When you think of how important a CV is in terms of your future career perhaps it’s not surprising that more and more people are turning to professional CV writers for help.

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