Here are our tips on how you can recruit the perfect candidate

Published on: 20 May 2015

To help you hire world class talent in 2015 we have created a list of our 10 top recruiting tips to help you find the perfect match.


1 - Take time to ensure you're getting the basics right

Do your research - Is this an easy job to fill? Is the job title fully reflective of the roles’ requirements? Could you widen the location to include commutable candidates? Are you speaking to the right media/job board?

2 - Build relationships with media whenever possible

Make sure you ask the right questions on first contact - How does your job board engage with my target audience? What are your average site statistics for this job role? Do you offer rate reductions for longer term contracts or bulk deals? How can you help me to make sure my ad will work? 

3 - Look at increased exposure for job ads

Most job boards offer over and above the standard job listing. If the role is hard to fill, try more specific targeting by sending a targeted e-mail, or perhaps use highly visible banner advertising. The media that you’re using, should be able to efficiently advise you of these options and how they work.

4 - Use social media

Many job seekers actively use Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook to find their next job. For HR candidates - People Management has over 52,300 Twitter followers and over 35,586 Linkedin connections. You can utilise these followers by advertising your job via these sites. Speak to an Account Manager for more information.

5 - Try to reach passive jobsekers

Most recruitment media - particularly job boards - will put your advertisement in front of active job seekers. But you can extend your reach by seeking to engage with passive audiences - people who are not “actively” looking for a new job. Place your job advert where you know your audience will be - consider using niche publications or non-recruitment websites as a supplement to job boards. Social media is a great way to achieve this. 

6 - Sell yourself

Sell the benefits of working for your company. It is wise that this comes early in the job advertisement - you can include career progression opportunities, additional benefits such as pension plans, bonus schemes, flexible hours, working environment and being an employer of choice.

7 - Write quality job ads

This is vital to ensure you attract the highest calibre of applications as well as helping to improve the position in the search results. Writing quality job copy is an essential skill. Structure the advertisement efficiently and make sure it flows. Use positive words where possible and include all relevant information.

8 - Engage with your candidates

Keep in touch with applicants. Confirm receipt of their application and if realistic, call them to arrange interviews, rather than email. Also, try to ensure that even unsuccessful applicants are contacted - even if it’s an automated email. This will help to protect the integrity of your brand.

9 - Pre qualify candidates

Screen candidates wherever possible during the entirety of the hiring process - consider using filter questions in the job ad - most job boards offer this. Most importantly, make a call. You can screen good candidates with a 15 minute phone call. Further along the process, utilise technology such as Powermeeter to save time pre-screening the best candidates via pre-recorded online video, using questions of your choice.

10 - Become an expert

Use these ideas to build up a strategy based upon what you know works and what doesn’t. It won’t be long before you have a set process in place that ensures you make exceptional hires in the shortest time, without it costing you a fortune.

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