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How a CIPD qualification could help advance your career

Written by: Hazel Mason
Published on: 16 Dec 2019

A qualification from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) holds many benefits to HR personnel looking to progress in their career and stand out from the competition. As a badge of your achievement and commitment to the profession, it can help shift your CV to the top of the pile.

Benefits of a CIPD Qualification

Many employers are now specifically requesting CIPD members when posting vacancies with People Management Jobs. So, those with a qualification are in high demand.

We explore some of the benefits a CIPD qualification offers to help you progress in your career.

Career benefits of a CIPD qualification

Industry recognised

As the professional body for HR, a qualification from the CIPD is held in high esteem by the profession. The CIPD position themselves as experts in the industry and a trusted resource for the latest in HR practises and policies. Therefore, a qualification from them recognises an individual’s expertise and alignment with the professional body.

Results in membership

Completion of a CIPD qualification results in the ability to register as a member. This adds credibility to your ability to do the job to the standards upheld by the CIPD, whilst also giving you access to a vast array of networks and resources to help you progress in your career.

Make your CV stand out

As we mentioned earlier, a CIPD qualification is seen as a marker of quality with recruiters favouring CIPD members over non-members when looking to recruit into their HR teams. Therefore, having a CIPD qualification can set you apart from the competition and denote you as a highly desirable candidate.

Get that promotion

A CIPD qualification will help you progress up the ladder as well. As you complete the levels on offer, you can use your qualification as leverage to achieve a promotion in your current role, or when applying to other organisations. The CIPD qualification shows that you have achieved a level of knowledge, skill and capability in your role, which you can use as proof of your ability to work at a higher seniority.

Build a network of peers

As a member of the CIPD, you are given access to a network of like-minded HR professionals with lots of opportunity to interact with the community and develop connections. From these connections, you might build a network that will help support your professional growth and progression into more senior roles.

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What CIPD qualifications are available?

CIPD offers a variety of qualifications at differing levels and routes. Beginning at level 3, you can start your studies at Foundation stage choosing whether to study the diploma, certificate or award. 

These same options are available for the Intermediate Level 5 and Advanced Level 7 qualification with potential to specialise.

For more information on the CIPD qualifications available, visit the CIPD website here.

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