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How does recruitment relate to Valentine’s Day?

Written by: Hazel Mason
Published on: 5 Feb 2020

This February, People Management Jobs are offering you a special Valentine’s Offer - but what does Valentine’s Day have to do with recruitment? 

Valentine's Offer £1300

Well, we’re not suggesting you should fall in love with your potential recruits - that wouldn’t be PC - or that there’s anything romantic about the recruitment process. But there are some similarities.

With recruitment, just like when dating, you need to make sure the candidate is the perfect match. There’s no point going for that second date (*cough* interview) if you didn’t click on the first.

Recruitment really is a matching game. And here at People Management Jobs, we think we’re rather good at it.

So, with our Valentine’s Offer, you could find your organisation’s perfect match and make your life a lot easier at the same time.

The offer includes a premium listing, targeted email and social media promotion (all for just £1,300 - you save £475!). That means that you can stand out from the competition with a package that’s destined to catch the eye of all relevant HR jobseekers.

Let us break that down:

With a premium listing, your job will appear highlighted red in search results and first in our email job alerts, helping you take pole position.

Your premium listing is then amplified by a targeted email. Using our candidate match(-making) technology, we send your vacancy to the most relevant and compatible HR candidates in an email that’s all about you.

To top it off, we’ll promote your role across our social media channels to an engaged audience of passive and active jobseekers to help draw in additional applicants.

All you have to do is upload the job, then we’ll do all the rest for you. Simple.

People Management Jobs receive, on average, 31 applications per role. With a potential reach of 750,000 HR candidates, we’re best placed to promote your role to the right people in the right place. 

Just like with that dating site that’s only matched you to the person with a snake for a profile picture… ditch your other recruitment tools and let us help you hire the HR candidates you’ll love.

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