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How to position your organisation as an employer of choice

Written by: Jennifer Jackson
Published on: 11 Dec 2019

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When each organisation has its own set of values and unique culture, what is it that unites the best places to work? After all, one person’s idea of a ‘wonderful workplace’ differs from another’s. 

One thing the best organisations seem to enjoy is the ability to attract and retain top talent, and therefore build effective teams, even when times are tough. Sure, even those considered to be top employers may struggle to recruit for a niche role or find a candidate who ticks all the boxes. But if you build such a strong reputation as a brilliant place to work and communicate your employer brand values clearly, then the people you want in your teams will be the ones who naturally want to work for you too.

The Wonderful Workplaces 2019 Employer Branding Insights Report revealed that 94% of employees would consider an employer’s brand when applying for jobs, yet nearly half (46%) felt their most recent employer did not effectively communicate their brand. Here we explore how you can position your brand as an employer of choice.

What’s your narrative and purpose?

Do you offer three months paid parental leave like Save the Children recently introduced? Do you offer unlimited holidays or opportunities to take time off work to contribute to charity initiatives? Perhaps you pride yourselves on having a culture of rapid career progression? 

Start talking about the great initiatives or incentives you’re offering staff and what makes you stand out from others. But know that it’s more than such incentives that make up your workplace culture. Having a strong vision and mission and using a variety of channels to communicate your story and purpose through positive messages will help you communicate your brand. You can use social media, your website, relevant media sites and internal communications. Then consider how you’ll amplify those messages further through various partner channels that can access your target audience in the right places, at the right time.

But don’t paint an unrealistic rosey picture. There’s no point saying you offer a great work/life balance when in reality staff have to work late on a regular basis - some people might be quite happy working long hours so long as they know that’s what they’re signing up for and that they will get rewarded for it. You won’t keep top people for long if they expect one thing and consistently get another.

Who are your workplace champions?

Before applying to work in your organisation, many candidates will spend time researching what it’s like to work there and will look out for what other people are saying about you. The people within your organisation who love working there are your biggest brand ambassadors and are the lowest hanging fruit when it comes to positioning you as an employer of choice. They may already be talking about why they love working there so make sure you share their stories on your social media and other marketing channels, and don’t forget to show your appreciation to them as valued assets to your business.

What do potential employees think of you as an employer?

Do you know how your current or potential talent perceive you as an employer? What would prevent someone from applying for a job at your organisation, or attract them to do so? Gaining insights into such perceptions will help you identify and address any issues with your employer brand, and will reinforce what you’re doing well. Employer branding surveys aimed at current and potential candidates can help uncover such insights and steer your recruitment marketing strategy accordingly.

Enter the Employee Value Proposition Index 2020

Do you know how people perceive your organisation as an employer? Dedicated to recognising the best of the best, the Employee Value Proposition Index provides organisations with valuable employee feedback to help build your employer brand and reputation.

The survey is currently free to enter and is being conducted by the independent research company, Best Companies Group, in partnership with employer branding agency, Wonderful Workplaces - part of Haymarket Media Group (publisher of People Management Magazine).

The best ranked companies will be announced at the CIPD’s Festival of Work (Olympia London, 10-11 June 2020) and you will have a chance to obtain a copy of the results containing valuable insights to help you build your employer brand. 

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