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How to secure a more senior HR role

Written by: Hazel Mason
Published on: 27 Nov 2019

When looking to move into a more senior position, it is important to emphasise your key successes in your current or previous roles. All too often, candidates fail to fully express the impact they had on their previous organisations, when this is all the hiring manager really cares about.

How to secure a more senior HR role

Ultimately, when looking to move up in the world of HR, you need to outline how you can really add value to the organisation at which you’re interviewing. We explore five key ways in which you can impress the hiring manager and secure a more senior HR position.

Five top tips to secure a senior HR position

Know the Organisation inside and out

As an HR professional, you will play a key part in the running of the company you’re interviewing at, therefore, it is integral that you do your research. You might not be able to outline every process and system, but an understanding of what the company does, it’s culture and values can put you in good stead to impress at the interview. 

Demonstrate your ability to see the big picture

HR is an incredibly people focused profession and, therefore, you will need to be able to think rationally whilst also seeing problems from multiple angles. As such, it is important to show how you can see the bigger picture and respond to situations in a way which is best for the company. Use examples from your prior experience - they might not always be work-based.

Be passionate about the job

It goes without saying that you have to show your enthusiasm for the job during the interview. Make sure you understand exactly what will be required of you in the new role and read between the lines in the job description. Being able to say why you’re so interested in the position and tie it to what they’re looking for will give you the extra edge.

Highlight any management experience

Whilst a more senior role may not necessarily require you to manage people, highlighting your ability to do so will appeal to the hiring manager and demonstrate potential. HR roles often involve a lot of interpersonal skills and the ability to manage others can help demonstrate that. 

Outline your experience

Last but by no means least, make sure you outline how your experience relates to the current role. Demonstrate, with real-life examples, how you can help deliver against business goals so that hiring managers recognise the value you could bring to their organisation.

The above advice doesn’t only apply to when you are interviewing. Demonstrating the above in your CV and cover letter will help your application reach the top of the pile.

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