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HR Consultant

Written by: Annie Hayes
Published on: 8 Jul 2016

HR Consultant

An HR Consultant helps the business to deliver its operational tasks in the best way. They either work in a generalist capacity covering a wide variety of HR tasks from recruitment through to health and safety or they focus on specialist, project-based work. Many HR Consultants work on a contractual, self-employed basis, often being helicoptered into the organisation to work on a particular project. For these reasons it is important that anyone working in this role, thrives in high pressure and can hit the ground running from day one.

Key duties:

  • Perform operational HR activities as required.
  • Deliver change management initiatives.
  • Recommend improvements to HR processes.
  • Assist in the delivery of the recruitment strategy.
  • Prepare individual development plans and implement retention plans for key talent.
  • Provide seminars and workshops to help businesses deliver particular HR needs.
  • Review industry pay scales and advise on reward and compensation as requested.
  • Advise the business on health, safety and employee wellbeing as required.
  • Help the business develop its HR policies and procedures in line with best practice and employment law legislation.
  • Develop ways for compiling and analysing data for reports and special projects.
  • Provide coaching and counselling services to senior management to help them to deal with complex employee relations issues.
  • Develop the leadership and management skills of senior management.
  • Perform to brief and liaise with client on work scope and content.


A bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject including human resources, business administration and business management is advantageous. A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is very desirable.

Previous experience:

  • Generalist HR experience is essential.
  • Experience of delivering change management initiatives is expected.
  • Excellent problem-solving and organisational skills is desirable.
  • Data analytics capability and the ability to develop pragmatic and creative solutions.
  • Proven commercial business acumen.
  • Strong communication skills are essential coupled with the ability to simplify complex HR cases to senior management and other stakeholders.
  • Ability to build relationships with the internal client and listen effectively to what they want and need.

Expected salary:

£20,000 - £65,000

Salary will depend upon experience and sector.


Typical working hours: 9.00 – 5.30pm

Career steps:

  • HR Business Partner
  • Senior HR Manager
  • HR Director

What they say:

"Working as a HR Consultant tends to mean working with organisations to add value, insight and expertise to projects that require an extra "push" and/or skills and experience that the organisation does not have in-house. You need to be able to hit the ground running, embed yourself in teams and form relationships with colleagues and key stakeholders quickly, be flexible and adaptable and be proactive and self-motivated. The rewards, though, are great. You get exposure to a really broad range of HR related projects that help organisations to transform themselves, you meet fantastic people across a wide range of organisations and you have an unparalleled opportunity to make a real difference and use your experience to benefit others."

Sue Brader, HR Consultant, Guardian News and Media Group