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Job description: HR data specialist

Written by: Hazel Mason
Published on: 12 Feb 2020

HR is a data driven function. As an HR data specialist is focused on the effective management of HR data and systems they are, therefore, integral to the smooth running of the HR department.

Job description: HR data specialist

As the function concerns itself more with data-led insights and reporting, an HR data specialist will find themselves in high demand and able to make a big impact on the running of an organisation. Here we outline some of the key responsibilities, personal qualities and skills required of an HR data specialist.

What are an HR data specialist’s responsibilities?

An HR data specialist’s role is centred on the appropriate management of HR data. Key responsibilities would include:

  • Organising, auditing, cleansing and maintaining HR data and HR GDPR
  • Taking ownership of the HR data manipulation and reporting
  • Streamlining HR processes and helping to manage the HR systems
  • Updating employee electronic records
  • Preparing HR documents
  • Providing an effective support service to end users 
  • Delivering high quality and accurate HR data and service information to the business 
  • General administration for the HR team, and first point of contact for HR queries

What salary can you expect as an HR data specialist?

The average salary for a HR data specialist in the UK is £30,134. But, depending on experience and location, salary can range from £24,000 - £40,000.

What personal qualities and skills are required to be an HR data specialist?

As an HR data specialist, you will be required to have a high attention to detail and be comfortable with managing a large amount of data. Personal qualities and skills required are:

  • Previous experience of working in an HR department
  • Experience of data entry using HR Information Systems
  • Knowledge of HR systems and software
  • Knowledge of HR data auditing and cleansing
  • Ability to identify process improvements and enhancements
  • High attention to detail, accuracy and speed of input
  • Strong MS Office skills, especially Excel
  • Proactive and process driven

What qualifications does an HR data specialist need?

HR data specialists do not require a particular qualification but experience with HR data and systems is a prerequisite. A degree in a relevant subject, such as human resources, business management or similar, would be advantageous. As would a professional qualification from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). Find out more about the available qualifications here.

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