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Making the most of your current HR job

Published on: 2 Mar 2010

How to make your mark in a new job
This is particularly important if you're in a senior HR position where it's crucial that you make an impact quickly – if only to give some tangible evidence that you can fulfil the promises you made at interview. Quick success in gaining the confidence of senior colleagues and winning early support for new initiatives may make or break your latest career move.

How to get yourself promoted
‘To get promoted, you have to be the person who won’t rock the boat.” We’ve all heard that phrase, but why, in the modern world, would anyone want to work for an organisation that thinks like this?

Wanted: fast-trackers
I’m always on the lookout for people who have the potential to succeed at the highest level in our profession. Yet, with a few notable exceptions, I see far too few pushing to reach the top. It may be that people are simply reserved – but sometimes it pays to be a bit more up-front if you want to be successful...