Overcome skills shortages through effective recruitment and apprenticeships

Written by: Isabella Foulkes
Published on: 31 Jan 2019

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Join us for the CIPD Talent Acquisition Conferences on 13-14 February 2019 at The Montcalm in London.


Skill shortages are affecting organisations and recruiters across industries and sectors, negatively impacting business performance and productivity. The job market is now more candidate-driven than ever before and it’s increasingly difficult to find the right skills and expertise that will drive our organisations to succeed. We need to be more innovative in the way we reach and attract our talent if we want to secure the best employees for our businesses.

This year’s CIPD Recruitment Conference and the newly launched CIPD Early Careers and Apprenticeships Conference will be your opportunity to learn the latest and most effective strategies to attract, select and recruit the talent you need in a challenging job market, increasingly threatened by the changing landscape.

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Join the Recruitment Conference, 13 February, to learn how to best leverage your employer brand, revise your sourcing strategy and boost the effectiveness of your recruitment teams. Join the Early Careers and Apprenticeships Conference, 14 February, to learn how to leverage apprenticeship schemes, take advantage of the levy, and attract graduates, trainees and school leavers to build and nurture your future talent. Or join us for both conferences and save 10% on the ticket price! In addition, CIPD members benefit from a discounted rate.

Who should attend?

  • Recruitment specialists
  • Apprenticeships managers
  • Early careers specialists
  • L&D specialists
  • HR generalists

CIPD Recruitment Conference - Day 1:

The Recruitment conference will showcase the best examples of creating competitive recruitment strategies to win the best talent for your business. You will get the tools to attract the right candidates by enhancing your employer brand, leveraging the power of social recruitment and create the best candidate experience - coupled with insights into how to ensure unbiased selection and hire the right talent for you.

Among the speakers are Jennifer Jackson, senior careers content editor for PM Jobs, and content lead for Wonderful Workplaces - a new employer branding and recruitment marketing agency. She will be speaking about the power of employer branding and sharing insights into candidate behaviour.  

Ahead of the event, Jackson comments: "We're seeing the power of employer branding really gaining pace as more and more employers realise the importance of highlighting their company culture and benefits in order to attract top talent.

"We've worked with some great organisations who are passionate about showcasing their employer brand and I'm looking forward to attending the conference to see more real life examples, as well as sharing some of our key insights."

Watch now! Learn about the power of employer branding.

Why should you attend?

  • Hear the latest from industry leaders who have implemented effective recruitment strategies
  • Create an authentic employer brand to attract the right people
  • Design an immersive candidate experience and onboarding process suited to your organisation
  • Acquire the tools to be more strategic, resilient and confident in your role

CIPD Early Careers and Apprenticeships Conference - Day 2:

The Early Careers and Apprenticeships Conference will look at best ways to leverage and enhance your apprenticeship schemes and make the most of levy to develop your own talent, coupled with the most effective strategies to improve your early career strategies - including graduates, trainees and school leavers to build a strong future talent pipeline.

Why should you attend?

  • Hear from industry leaders who have implemented effective strategies
  • Maximise the outcome of apprenticeship schemes and graduate programmes
  • Understand the latest development of the apprenticeship levy
  • Support early career talent to boost their development and increase retention

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