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Recruitment survey - results and prize draw winners announced

Published on: 6 Jul 2023

FOW survey results

We were at CIPD’s Festival of Work 2023, and what an amazing event it was. With a brand new format, this year there were 10k attendees over two days - the highest turnout the event has ever seen. 

The festival floor was brimming with enthusiasm and opportunities to network. The highlight for us was the knowledge we gained on the latest trends in employee engagement and well-being. People professionals from different sectors were under the same roof and, for us, this was a golden opportunity to get insights on the current recruitment market’s pressing matters. 

At the event, we ran a fun interactive poll. We asked people professionals two important questions. And to keep things interesting there was a prize draw to win £50 shopping vouchers. At the end of this article, we announce the five lucky winners.

The two questions were:

1. What are the main contributors to why people leave their jobs?

2. What are the biggest recruitment challenges?

We had 188 HR professionals take part in the survey and the results speak for themselves. See a snapshot of the poll below. 

There were 310 votes in total for this question. The main reason people left their jobs were down to managers/support which received 89 votes. This was closely followed by “company culture” (88 votes). And we discovered through conversations that the two overlap. Salary/benefits and better opportunities received 49 votes each. And lack of flexibility received 35 votes.

Other highlighted reasons were career progression, company retention strategies, top management, and L&D initiatives. 

It was interesting to see that poor candidate retention strategy was not only a reason why people leave but also a challenge in recruitment.

Recruitment challenges

This question received 196 votes in total. The quality of candidates in the market was marked as the top challenge with 59 votes followed by candidate retention with 51 votes. 

Market competition and hiring budgets received 30 and 31 votes respectively. Time and urgency for recruitment had 25 votes. 

HR professionals felt that some companies are lacking when it comes to investing in their employees. The path to progression and valuing employees' skill sets is not very clear. Line managers have a role here. It is a competitive market out there and if employers are not continuously providing opportunities for employees to perform their full potential and grow their skillset, they are going to leave. 

Overall, the poll results give us an idea and reflect on where the current candidate market’s priorities lie and if you are recruiting, it’s wise to take note and make necessary changes to attract top-quality candidates. 

If you face any of the above challenges and want some creative solutions to overcome and recruit top talent, do give us a ring at 020 8267 8436. Our team of experts will be happy to help. We have the expertise to guide you to hone your recruitment strategies and hire effectively.  

Now, to the winners of the prize draw. The five lucky winners are:

  • Rachel Eaton
  • Magda Mucharzewska
  • Vicki Gibbs
  • Sarah Buchanan
  • Naz Kapde

All winners will be contacted in the next 15 days.