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Top 5 HR trends for 2020

Written by: Georgia Rivers
Published on: 3 Jan 2020

2020 is the start of a new decade and many companies will be looking to implement new ways of improving HR in the workplace from wellbeing to employer branding. So, if you're interested in the top 5 HR trends for 2020 look no further.

Top 5 HR trends for 2020

Top 5 HR trends for 2020

1. Wellbeing

Wellbeing can be defined as being healthy or happy. This is not just at home but also in the workplace. Recently, wellbeing has become more important in the workplace with more employers being aware of its impact. It is integral that employees feel like they are supported in the workplace and are able to reach their full potential. ‘Happy and healthy people do the best work’ says Catherine Allen, Head of Keeping People Happy, Ella’s Kitchen. Creating a good work-life balance is key to productive employees. Therefore wellbeing is a top trend for 2020.

2. Upcoming technologies

Technology is a world evolving every day. As we have reached 2020, has technology lived up to the predictions from years ago? Almost all areas of a business now will rely on technology to help with their day to day work. This definitely includes HR, which uses technology to help improve employee experience, recruitment and to store all employee information. So, keep an eye out for the new technology trends occurring in 2020 that could help improve your business’ HR practises.

3. Focus on your employees

In recent years, the value of the employee has been amplified as they are increasingly being recognised as a key asset that can move a business forward with their knowledge and experience. This can be harnessed through employee experience and employee engagement. It has been said that if an employee is happy when at work then they will be more productive.

Employee experience includes the perceptions the employee has during their time at the company. This should be a key part of any HR teams goals. Employee engagement, on the other hand, is encouraging your employees to speak out about new and innovative ways to improve the company and for their feedback on how your organisation is doing. This, in turn, will help your employees believe in the work they complete and will encourage them to work harder.

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4. Continuous performance management

Performance management can be seen as a vital part of the working system. It tells an employee how they are performing and where they could improve, whilst also giving that person the one-to-one time with their line manager. It enables them to speak out about issues they are having or if they have any ideas on how to improve. It encourages personal reflection while getting that all important feedback. When done right, it can make an employee feel like the company is listening to them and empower them to take control of their work. This 2020 trend shares links with the focuses mentioned above as it gives the employee a chance to share any wellbeing concerns whilst also providing feedback and recognising how they can improve.

5. Data analytics

Although data analytics is not new in the workplace, it is now easier for HR teams to go through the data via analytics tools and use the data collected to attract and retain top talent. The data can be used to improve employee turnover, and increase employee engagement and satisfaction.

From all the HR trends in 2020, data analytics is one of the most important as it helps with managing and improving all the above. New technologies such as AI and intuitive analytics, ensure that data is easier than ever to read, manipulate and use. The data collected can help HR departments create a better working environment for their employees while also looking at their wellbeing. Things that are spoken about in performance reviews can be correlated and used to help focus on your employees. Because of this, data analytics is one of the most important trends of this new decade.

These are the top 5 HR trends of 2020. If you are looking to improve your HR practises then these are the trends to be looking out for in the next year.

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