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Why is employer branding so important for recruitment?

Written by: Hazel Mason
Published on: 11 Sep 2019

Employer branding is becoming a key buzzword in the world of recruitment. Increasingly, it is being recognised as an important aspect of recruiting and retaining top talent.

employer branding important for recruitment?

In a candidate-led market it is key that organisations are able to stand out from the competition and advertise why they’re a fantastic place to work. We explore what employer branding is and why it is so important for your talent acquisition strategies. 

What is employer branding?

We’ve all heard of branding. How you package a product or follow a set of brand guidelines to ensure the company is consistent and recognisable to its audience. But how is employer branding different?

Employer branding includes some of the tropes of how you might package a product, yet that product is your business. It’s how you market yourself as an employer. Therefore, employer branding is incredibly important when trying to create an attractive proposition to potential jobseekers, whilst ensuring current employees are aware of and aligned to the company values.

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Why is it important for organisations to consider their employer brand?

In a recent survey by Wonderful Workplaces, part of Haymarket Media Group, it was discovered that 94% of jobseekers would take into consideration an employer’s brand before applying for a role. So, how your brand is perceived by your potential employees is a deciding factor. 

Candidates do not care purely about salary or location, they want to know that the organisation they are applying to work for is a good place to work. That means understanding the culture of your organisation, its values and the working environment. Do you offer flexible working (one of the benefits most employees now look for from their employer) or an attractive pension scheme? When looking for a job, it is these aspects that interest jobseekers most and employer branding will help you to advertise this.

Employer branding is also important when it comes to cultural fit, something which is often front of mind when interviewing a candidate. By making your company culture and values transparent you will receive better suited candidates, saving you time at interview stage. 

That’s not all, employer branding has an impact on retention. How you talk about your organisation and present it to the outside world, also needs to be advertised to your current workforce. Your values and culture have to reflect your current employees, not an aspirational concept thought up by senior management. If the way you speak about your business resonates with your current employees, then they too will help to drive that culture and are more likely to remain in the organisation.

To summarise, employer branding will help you to:

  • Attract top talent to your roles
  • Ensure that candidates are a good cultural fit 
  • Filter your values and culture throughout your organisation
  • Retain top talent who buy into your culture and values

How can you get started?

Wonderful Workplaces is an employer branding and recruitment marketing agency owned by Haymarket Media Group (the international specialist media, technology & information group). Our clients (which include Graphcore, GatenbySanderson, One Housing, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust and Wigan & Leigh College) rely on us to deliver an end-to-end employer brand and recruitment marketing solution tailored to their specific business needs.

We help organisations to attract and hire people who are a great fit with their culture in a way that reflects their unique business brand purpose. We help you to tell your story, show why your organisation is a great place to work, and maximise the impact by serving that story in the right places to the right people. 

Our services range from careers content to live events; perception surveys to awareness campaigns. Whatever your needs, we can tailor a solution to help you build your employer brand and start attracting top talent. 

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