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  • Why becoming an enterprise adviser may be the best decision you make in 2023

    • 4 Jan 2023
    • CIPD

    Want to make a difference to young people's lives? Check out the career benefits of becoming an enterprise adviser.

  • You deserve the best | #ChangeIsGood

    You deserve the best | #ChangeIsGood

    • 20 Dec 2022
    • Annie Hayes

    Change can be challenging but it is for a good reason because you deserve the best. And we are here to make it a positive experience for you.

  • Briony Kloet

    Run your own SME with The HR Dept

    • 8 Jul 2022
    • Jennifer Jackson

    Are you an experienced HR generalist looking for a more autonomous role?

  • Employer Branding Reboot Ebook

    Free ebook: Employer branding reboot 2021

    • 19 Oct 2021
    • Milind Patel

    People Management Jobs has co-produced an employer branding guide for employers throughout the pandemic and beyond. Sign up now to get your free copy.

  • CPS logo

    A day in the life of an HR data manager at the Crown Prosecution Service

    • 24 May 2021
    • Jennifer Jackson

    Want to have a real impact on society? Find out about what it's like to work at the CPS.

  • Our Wellbeing Journey

    • 17 Aug 2020
    • Rosie Henshall

    See how the National Church Institutions (NCIs) have gone the extra mile on demonstrating fantastic leadership on wellbeing.

  • At the Church of England, everyone is welcome

    • 30 Jul 2020
    • Rosie Henshall

    We shed light on the work of the National Church Institutions (NCIs) and how everyone is welcome including those of all faiths and none.

  • How working flexibly could improve staff satisfaction

    • 4 May 2020
    • Hazel Mason

    People Management Jobs explore how working flexibly can improve staff satisfaction and how you can implement it effectively.

  • Future-proof your business: Focus on your employer brand

    • 13 Apr 2020
    • Hazel Mason

    This article explores why your employer brand is so important and how you can start work now to improve your recruitment and retention efforts.

  • Should your recruitment marketing change during a crisis?

    • 2 Apr 2020
    • Hazel Mason

    We explore the ways in which we much adapt our recruitment marketing strategy during the coronavirus crisis.

  • Take part in our market research on how COVID-19 is affecting your business

    • 30 Mar 2020
    • Hazel Mason

    People Management Jobs are looking to gather some market research to help inform our offering and ensure we’re providing the best service to you that we can.

  • 3 ways to look after your mental health whilst working from home

    • 26 Mar 2020
    • Hazel Mason

    People Management Jobs offer three tips to help you look after your mental health while working from home.

  • Could the interview process go online?

    • 18 Mar 2020
    • Hazel Mason

    In a more remote working world, could the interview process move to an entirely online setup? We explore the pros and cons of using online technology to recruit new talent.

  • Hire candidates that will blossom with our Spring Offer

    • 12 Mar 2020
    • Hazel Mason

    Get a premium listing, targeted email and social media promotion for just £1,300 with People Management Jobs' Spring Offer.

  • How to ask for a promotion

    • 5 Mar 2020
    • Hazel Mason

    People Management Jobs have put together the below tips to help you ask for that all important promotion.

  • Job description: L&D assistant

    • 26 Feb 2020
    • Hazel Mason

    We outline some of the key responsibilities, personal qualities and skills required of an L&D assistant

  • Win an Apple Watch Series 5! Take part in the 2020 Annual Jobs Survey

    • 18 Feb 2020
    • Jennifer Jackson

    Have your say in the 2020 Annual Jobs Survey from Wonderful Workplaces for a chance to win an Apple Watch Series 5 worth £399.

  • Volunteer in 2020 to support your career

    • 17 Feb 2020
    • Charlotte Haynes

    If you’re looking to learn new skills in 2020, did you know that volunteering can help you to develop key skills and behaviours that will help you in the workplace?

  • Job description: HR data specialist

    • 12 Feb 2020
    • Hazel Mason

    We outline some of the key responsibilities, personal qualities and skills required of an HR data specialist.