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Castle Phoenix Trust

Castle Phoenix Trust

Everyone at Castle Phoenix Trust is committed to high standards and takes pride in their work, regardless of their role, recognising the part they play to make a difference. Currently there are 6 schools within the Trust – Caludon Castle School (Coventry), Kingsbury Secondary School (Warwickshire), Foxford Community School (Coventry), Hill Farm Primary School (Coventry), Richard Lee Primary School (Coventry) and Charter Primary Academy (Coventry)

Our Trust specialises in ‘leadership’. Leadership development underpins all our work. We believe that most school processes, change, teams, engagement, innovation and collaboration stand or fall on the quality of leadership. Each leader is unique and we want all our leaders to develop emotional intelligence and deepen their knowledge, skills and leadership attributes to be effective. We therefore have a commitment to consciously develop leadership capacity at every level, building self -awareness, confidence, and initiative. There is no better way to ensure our Trust stays effective than by challenging, nurturing and enabling our staff.

CPT Leaders

Our Headteachers lead learning and excel through working together with their strong school -based teams and also more widely across and beyond our Trust. They are proud of their school achievements and are always willing to share good practice.

Central team leaders lead high performing teams who add value to our academies and are committed to support schools so they can concentrate on improving outcomes for our children.

CPT Support Staff

Our support and admin staff are the backbone of our organisation and are specialists in their areas of responsibility. Our annual support staff conference has a focus on staff well being and is a way of recognising the importance of all staff and their right to quality training.

CPT Teachers

Our teachers are highly effective in the classroom, both in the uncompromising quality of their teaching and in the perceptive and individualised attention they give to pupils and students to ensure that they learn effectively. They are passionate about the subjects they teach and dedicated to the children in their care.

Our teachers are carefully recruited and expertly supported to make sure they, like our pupils, are always performing well. We provide an annual learning and teaching conference which all our staff love and value.

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