Head of People Services

Gwent Police
Cwmbran, Torfaen Police Headquarters
07 Jun 2019
27 Jun 2019
Head of People Services
HR Jobs Level
Director / Head / VP
Contract Type
Full Time
CIPD Membership
CIPD Member


Role:                                      Head of People Services

Department:                         People Services

Service Area:                       Resources Directorate

Responsible to:                  Deputy Chief Constable

Responsible for:                 The delivery of HR, Organisational Development, Payroll, Learning & Development, Occupational Health and Wellbeing.




Role Purpose:                     To formulate and direct the implementation of the People Plan and L&D strategy, which incorporates all People Services functional areas, and policies and procedures with the prime focus on supporting frontline service delivery in line with force values and strategic priorities.

Main Accountabilities:

To advise Chief Officers on the strategic and functional direction of People Services matters, advising at Chief Officer Team meetings, and representing Gwent Police’s interests on a national and regional level.

To develop the People Plan in conjunction with strategic leads and ensure delivery of all elements

To act as Force lead on the All-Wales collaborative agenda within the people services arena, identifying, implementing, monitoring and reviewing effective collaborative opportunities. To oversee the development, implementation, monitoring and review of force policies and procedures which come within the remit of the role and

To ensure the delivery of an economic, efficient and effective People Service.

To ensure internal and external developments are monitored, assessing their impact on the People Services functions, policies and procedures of Gwent Police, thereby maximising the adoption of best practice and advising senior managers accordingly.

To maintain good communication and thorough understanding of activities throughout the People Services functions.

To act as the senior HR professional for the force.

To maintain and develop the process of consultation and negotiation with Trade Unions and the Police Federation promoting a harmonious and business like employee relations climate.

To motivate and engender the continuous development of People Services staff and to enhance the People Services function and service delivery.

To advise on the management of change processes in line with the requirements of the force’s business change programme, and the force’s Organisational Change Procedure.

To manage the implementation of changes in national terms and conditions of service arising from changes to police regulations and determinations and police staff conditions. To oversee all local agreements on terms and conditions and to consult and negotiate changes to such conditions in line with force requirements.

To be responsible for the People Services budget in liaison with Finance Department.

To deliver a customer-focussed service

To promote and adhere to Gwent Police's Strategic Equality Plan to support the development of a diverse workforce.

To take reasonable care of own and others' safety; to co-operate with managers/supervisors in complying with statutory health and safety duties; to report incidents, accidents, faults etc.


To fully participate in the performance appraisal process.


Special Circumstances:

1.  Gwent Police is a non-smoking organisation


2.  All potential staff to Gwent Police must display the qualities to be able to work in an organisation with minority groups and provide a service to minority groups in communities. They must show that they are able to contribute to an open, fair working environment where inappropriate behaviour is not permitted. They must display no evidence of the likelihood to contribute in any way to workplace bullying or sexist or racist behaviour.


3.   Gwent Police actively works with other forces in Wales and from time to time the accountabilities described above are performed within a collaborative context. A number of joint units already exist and Gwent may hold people management responsibilities for its staff alongside a number of other forces in the same unit. The role holder has to effectively manage some areas of work within such a collaborative environment.