Personnel Manager

Wilmslow is a pleasant commuter town with a population of about 30,000
Grade 10 (£33,136 - £38,861)
10 Jun 2019
24 Jun 2019
Specialist Area
General HR Function
HR Jobs Level
Contract Type
Full Time
CIPD Membership
Non CIPD member

Post:                                       Personnel Manager

Salary Scale:                               Grade 10 (£33,136 - £38,861)  (JDQ ref: AAAE5167)

                                                Full-year – 37 hours per week

                                                Working pattern to be agreed with the successful candidate


Purpose of Post

The post exists within the organisation’s support staff structures for the purpose of ensuring the leadership and efficient operation of the organisation’s personnel function. 

Specifically, the post carries responsibility for effective and efficient personnel leadership and administration with particular emphasis upon recruitment, contractual changes, attendance management and day-to-day personnel issues.

To whom responsible



Principal Duties

Strategic development

  • To provide senior executives, and those responsible for governance, with advice in relation to the organisation’s personnel and human resources (HR) responsibilities and rights
  • To lead and manage the organisation’s personnel functions so that they promote the organisation’s vision, values and improvement priorities
  • To lead and manage relations with external providers of personnel and HR services
  • To lead and manage any personnel services provided by the organisation to other organisations
  • To keep all assigned areas of responsibility review in order to ensure that develop in line with organisational need and in response to emerging opportunities

    Policies and procedures

  • To manage the organisation’s suite of personnel policies and procedures, and recommend appropriate amendments or updates
  • To ensure compliance with personnel-related regulations

    Staffing structures and Recruitment

  • In liaison with the School Business Manager, maintain management information designed to support effective and efficient improvement planning and decision-making
  • In liaison with the Headteacher, keep staffing structures under review and, when necessary, make recommendations for change and development.
  • To determine the nature and timescale of new appointments
  • To prepare the job advertisement and information for candidates
  • To maintain a system of candidate summaries for each post
  • To plan the interview schedule and to conduct interviews as required.
  • To determine contractual details of the successful candidate and to provide feedback to those who were not successful
  • To instruct the Personnel and Payroll Officer regarding contractual details and to check all contractual documents before issue

Contractual changes and end of employment procedures

  • To keep track of, and implement, any contractual changes that have been determined by the Headteacher (e.g. salary changes, changes in hours)
  • To manage the termination of contracts for staff leavers
  • To conduct the EXIT questionnaire and interview process for staff leavers
  • To monitor and evaluate the reasons for staff leaving, and take action if it appears necessary

    Staff Wellbeing, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

  • To support the Headteacher in promoting a positive, productive and inclusive workplace environment that reflects the school’s values and enables staff to thrive and flourish.
  • To coordinate liaison and consultative activities with professional associations and employee representative groups
  • To be a point of contact for all staff who wish to raise personnel issues

    Attendance Management

  • To manage the day-to-day absence process of support staff, including taking phone calls and maintaining absence grids
  • In liaison with the Personnel and Payroll Officer, to conduct a monthly analysis of staff attendance data to determine whether any absence triggers have been met
  • To conduct short-term absence meetings in accordance with the school’s Attendance Management policy
  • In liaison with Cheshire East HR, to conduct long-term absence meetings in accordance with the school’s Attendance Management policy
  • To conduct return to work risk assessments as appropriate
  • To discuss planned staff absences in regular meetings with the Headteacher
  • To respond to holiday requests for support staff
  • To make referrals to the school’s Occupational Health provider in accordance with the school’s Attendance Management policy
  • To manage any reasonable adjustments required in order to support staff in returning to the workplace

Performance Management

  • To oversee the administration of the school’s system of Performance Management
  • To advise and ensure the proper training of those holding ‘key’ roles within the Performance Management process
  • To ensure that the school’s BlueSky platform is maintained

Staff conduct

  • To support the Headteacher in ensuring that any complaints related to members of staff are managed effectively through the relevant policies and procedures
  • To oversee, as appropriate, investigations which are requested by the Headteacher under the school’s disciplinary policy and procedure
  • To support and service any meetings or hearing arising from staff conduct policies (eg disciplinary, grievance, dignity at work, capability etc)  

Line management responsibilities

  • To line manage and liaise with the Personnel and Payroll Officer, ensuring clarity over all personnel issues and that the Personnel and Payroll Officer’s workload is manageable
  • To line manage the school receptionist and the cover administrator
  • To line manage any other staff as are assigned

    Safeguarding, Health and Safety

  • To assist the organisation’s Designated Safeguarding Lead and be specifically aware of and assist with policies and procedures relating to child protection, health, safety, security, safeguarding and confidentiality issues relating to students
  • To ensure that appropriate DBS procedures are followed for new staff and for visitors/ casual employees and volunteers
  • To ensure that the Single Central Record is maintained in line with current national regulatory expectations
  • Contribute to the management of Health and Safety responsibilities across the organisation, liaising with external regulatory organisations and providing the Headteacher with advice and reports on developments
  • In conjunction with the Personnel and Payroll Officer, to conduct risk assessments for expectant mothers


Training and development

  • In liaison with those colleagues responsible for Professional Learning in the organisation, to determine what are the personnel and business training needs of staff and develop a programme to provide this training
  • To co-ordinate induction training for new colleagues
  • To manage the induction process for new support staff.



  • Provide the Headteacher with a weekly update on personnel issues
  • Provide the Leadership Group with a scheduled update on personnel issues
  • Provide the Governing Board with a report on personnel issues in line with the agreed yearly meeting cycle and agenda schedule
  • Lead and manage the process of providing relevant government agencies with required personnel information – for example, the DfE School Workforce Census or Gender Pay Gap Reporting


          Health and Safety

          To take all reasonable steps to ensure the Health and Safety of students and staff within the teaching base environment

          To promote and safeguard the welfare of students in accordance with the school’s child   protection policy

         Local Authority Flexibility Policy

          Notwithstanding the detail in this job description, in accordance with the
          Policy the jobholder will undertake such work as may be determined by the
          Headteacher from time to time, up to or on a level consistent with the
          Principal Responsibilities of the job.

         ‘No Smoking’ Policy

The school is an entirely ‘no smoking’ environment.



This will be reviewed annually at the end of the academic year or earlier if
necessary.  In addition, it may be amended at any time after consultation with