Strategic school partners needed to shape careers education in specialist schools across England

As an Enterprise Adviser, you will be offering strategic, and at times operational, support for the planning, execution and evaluation of career development activities in one of many types of education setting, including mainstream and specialist.

Specialist settings have a more specialist intake and include Pupil Referral Units, schools catering for deaf students and schools for students with Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs. Although many secondary settings include Post‐16 provision, there are also separate mainstream and specialist Post‐16 settings. Specialist Post‐16 settings often offer provision up to the age of 25.

Within every type of education setting are learners who may be experiencing a range of barriers. These can be temporary or permanent and include diagnosed lifelong special educational needs, as well as temporary disabilities and health conditions, undiagnosed conditions, disadvantages and vulnerabilities.

Of the 1.2 million young people who have recognised additional needs, the vast majority are educated in mainstream settings.

Young people experiencing one or many of these barriers will need a personalised approach to career development. The level of personalisation will vary according to the level of special educational need and may include, for example, travel training, an Education Health Care Plan and sensory needs planning.

What you will do:

In addition to the activities listed below that you will be involved in, you will also be required in specialist schools to tailor approaches to match the school context and show awareness of student need.

  •  Develop a good understanding of the local labour market, employment base and other local opportunities
  • Attend meetings with your school or college
  • Partner with teachers to audit existing careers provision and identify successes, challenges and gaps
  • Based on audit findings, support teachers to design a whole-school three-year career strategy, consisting of a range of programmes available, including guest speakers, CV writing, skills development, and work experience

What skills and experience do you need?

  • Interest in supporting young people with SEND in a range of settings
  •  HR/L&D professionals with demonstrable strategic experience
  • Experienced and confident communicators and networkers
  • Well-connected in the community, including with local businesses and programmes
  • Awareness of the local labour market • Supportive, pragmatic and flexible
  • Sympathetic to the many challenge’s schools can face. 

What Support is provided?

  •  An induction session • Toolkits and resources to help map out a range of programmes
  •  Support from an Enterprise Coordinator who will connect schools to local programmes and draw on other networks to help put plans into action
  • Labour market information to help you build industry links
  • Optional networking and training sessions • Valuable connections and networking via the CIPD Branches network


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